100% Whole Wheat Bread

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When I bought my Komo grain mill last year, I went through a period of experimentation. Simply replacing white flour with freshly milled whole wheat didn’t work very well. I had many heavy, dense loaves that tasted great but didn’t work well for sandwiches. I had more success using recipes from Peter Reinhart’s “Whole Grain Breads” which uses an epoxy method and is a two day process.

I also had Sue Becker’s “The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book” that was written for use with freshly ground flour. Both books are wonderful, but the Sue Becker book is truly essential if you are new to milling grain. I was put off making the recipes initially because all of the measurements were in either cups or milliliters, so both by volume instead of weight.

I decided to just dive in and try and weigh my ingredients after I had measured them to get a baseline. That worked well and I scaled the recipe of her basic bread to get two 800g loaves. I made some more modifications to make it vegan, which luckily she gives many tips in her book.

This is now my go-to weekly bread. It’s a one day method, which makes it easier to fit into my schedule.

This week I was able to use my organic white wheat berries that I bought from King’s Roost LA. The grain is sweet and fresh smelling and made lovely flour.


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