Vegan 49er Pancake… Sort Of

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In 2008, I mocked up a version of the Original Pancake House’s 49er pancakes. My recipe is not the same as the restaurant, it’s really not even that close. I just came across this video of someone from the Original Pancake House making the pancakes and the recipes differ widely. However, this version is delicious, easy, and does not call for sourdough starter which most people will not have handy.

My Vegan Version of 49er Pancakes

Since becoming vegan, I have missed these crepe-like pancakes. I tried a few times to “veganize” the recipe. When using aquafaba I have found that blending the liquids for 1 minute or more helps emulsify the batter so that they don’t fall apart. I then add the flour and blend briefly. I’ve also had good luck with Just Egg. Refrigerating the batter is also an option if you have the time or have planned ahead.

I’ve had wonderful luck using freshly milled flour made from hard white wheat or a combination of hard white wheat and Einkorn. They still taste great, are more nutritious, and are a complex carbohydrate with the added fiber. I don’t get that sugar crash when using whole wheat.

How to tell when it’s time to flip

Knowing when to flip can be easy if you look for these visual clues. Note, these are whole wheat 49ers and may be darker than ones made with all-purpose refined flour.

  • Not ready to flip – the center will still look like the raw batter
  • Read to flip – The top will look more uniform and darker than the raw batter
  • After you flip the pancake, cook for another minute or two. Both sides will be golden brown.


  • Use a good non-stick skillet or griddle. Brush the pan with melted vegan butter before pouring the batter to make sure they don’t stick to the pan.
  • Serve with a wedge of lemon and squeeze onto the pancakes as you are eating them. This is optional but imparts a brightness to the 49ers. The Original Pancake House serves a bowl of lemon wedges with the Dutch Baby. My mother-in-law always ordered the Dutch Baby and we would steal a lemon wedge for our 49ers.
  • If you are avoiding saturated fats, you can use olive oil as a tasty and healthier alternative to vegan butter. It works very well and is delicious.
  • I prefer using cashew milk. It’s easy to make your own!
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  1. Julie

    These were excellent! Thanks for cracking the code !

    • Sylvia

      You’re welcome! I missed these and was glad I was able to eat them again.


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