Lazy Days Vegan Creamy No Chicken Noodle Soup

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I recently had oral surgery and was on a soft food diet for a few weeks. This soup and smoothies helped me survive. This recipe is very quick to pull together if you have the right ingredients.

I used the following ingredients, but you can make substitutions based on what you can find easily or have on hand.


These are the ingredients I used that makes this a great lazy day soup that still tastes decadent and rich. You don’t even need to be sick or get dental surgery to enjoy it. Here’s a tip, if you can’t chew anything, you can puree the soup even more. I had to do this for a few days, and it was delicious.

  • Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips
  • Trader Joe’s Mirepoix (or dice 2 carrots, 2 stalks of celery and one small onion)
  • Better Than Bouillon No Chicken Base
  • Cadia Brown Rice Macaroni (or your favorite small pasta)
  • Raw cashews soaked in water for 2 hours or 20 minutes in hot water


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