Vegan Marble Bundt Cake

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Late last summer I made some delicious vanilla bean cupcakes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz for a friend’s birthday. I’ve made them many times since and tweaked the recipe slightly. I’ve not had much luck getting the ganache to thicken using almond milk and switched to soy. I also love marble cake, so I’ve played with adding cocoa to part of the batter to make marble cupcakes.

For our holiday party last December, I decided to try to make a bundt cake using the cupcake recipe as the basis. I was surprised and elated at how well that worked. It came together quickly and was moist and delicious. I have wanted to make it again, but haven’t had the time or opportunity.

One of my good friends at work had a birthday today, so I made her the cake. Bundt cakes are a wonderful thing to bring to parties or work as they slice up easily and don’t require much for icing. A single recipe of the ganache drizzled over the top works well.

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