Taking the Plunge

Most of my research took place in early January. While I was tempted to take the money I had saved and make the purchase, I decided to wait until after my birthday. Although, unlikely to get it as a gift, I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s surprise. I was doubtful that this would be the case since this was such a specific gift and quite expensive. I also wanted the black model and I wanted to purchase it from a specific vendor, Pleasant Hill Grain,  who include the whisk beater bowl and shipping at no extra cost. (Update 2016: The Assistent is now called Ankarsrum and comes with the whisk beater bowl included.)

My birthday came and went and no mixer, but no matter! I ordered the mixer online and tracked it daily until it arrived safely at my door last Friday. I was very impressed with Pleasant Hill Grain’s packaging and FedEx Ground’s care in delivery. The mixer was triple boxed and arrived in perfect shape. The last KitchenAid I ordered arrived from UPS with a kick hole in the side.

First Dough


I decided to try out the mixer that evening and make some pizza dough for the next day. Some of the advice I found online suggested mixing the liquids first and then adding the flour. This was how my old bread  machine worked as well, so that made sense.

The mixer was actually very easy to use and the dough was amazing. The gluten developed quickly and for the first time I was able to achieve the “window pane” test with just a mixer. The dough even smelled wonderful. I have still have a lot to learn about this amazing machine, but so far I am very pleased.

Oh, and did I tell you her name? It’s Lisbeth. I named her after the bad-ass character Lisbeth Salander in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She’s beautiful and powerful. I look forward to many baking adventures with my Lisbeth. My lovely KitchenAid, Stella, is set aside for now. I don’t have room for both on the counter, but when we remodel I may. I’ll have to put Lisbeth to the test and see how she fares for cookies, cakes and other mixing needs. For bread dough, she’s a champ.