The Versatile Wonder: Reusable Cleaning Gloves Beyond Cleaning

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When I think of reusable cleaning gloves, my mind often jumps to scrubbing sinks or washing dishes. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find these seemingly humble household items are remarkably versatile and can be utilized for a myriad of tasks beyond just cleaning.

Jar Opener Extraordinaire

Ever struggled to twist open a tightly sealed jar lid? Reusable cleaning gloves come to the rescue! The textured grip on these gloves provides excellent traction, making it easier to grip and twist even the most stubborn lids. No more banging the jar against the counter, running it under hot water, or giving up and handing it to my husband — I simply don my trusty cleaning gloves and effortlessly open that jar of pickles or pasta sauce.

Cleaning up Bread Dough

This was a happy accident. If you are a bread baker, you’ve surely run into an issue of getting dough stuck to your dish sponge. I used to buy special sponges just for this purpose. One day, I happened to have my cleaning gloves on and found that by simply running the bowl or whisk under running water and rubbing with the gloves, the dough slides easily off and I can then wash with my regular sponge. It’s my go to method now.

Pet Hair Picker-Upper

If you’re a pet owner, you’re likely familiar with the struggle of removing pet hair from furniture and clothing. Instead of wrestling with lint rollers or struggling to pick up hair with your bare hands, try using reusable cleaning gloves moistened with water. The textured surface of the gloves easily attracts and picks up pet hair from various surfaces, including upholstery, carpets, and clothing. Simply rub the gloves over the affected area, and watch as the hair clings to the gloves like magic.

Tip: Have a special pair of gloves for this. Even though you can wash them, I don’t like to mix pet hair with baking tools.

What Kind of Gloves?

I really like the Mr. Clean brand of latex gloves. They are thin and flexible with a textured palm that works well for gripping. They have a latex free version if you are allergic to latex. Any glove that is thin with a textured palm should work well.


Reusable cleaning gloves are far more than just tools for scrubbing and scouring. Their versatility extends to various tasks, from opening jars, cleaning dough to pet care. Investing in a quality pair of reusable cleaning gloves not only simplifies household chores but also enhances efficiency and comfort. So, the next time you reach for your cleaning gloves, remember the multitude of uses they offer beyond cleaning, and let them become your go-to solution for a wide range of tasks.


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Feb 17, 2024

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