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Sourdough Videos with Sarah Owens

December 29, 2019

My sourdough breads have become better after reading Sourdough by Sarah Owens and watching these engaging videos.

Vegan Sourdough English Muffins

September 8, 2019

Not sure what to do with sourdough starter discard? Try these delicious English Muffins made with freshly milled organic hard white wheat.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread Class

February 6, 2019

My bread baking adventure takes a new turn as I learn how to make 100% whole wheat sourdough from freshly milled flour at King’s Roost in Silverlake.

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The Dough Also Rises

March 13, 2007

  I’ve been on this bread making kick lately. Blame Cooks Illustrated who had a two page spread last issue on bread making tips. They recommended stand mixers over hand kneading or bread machines. I have a bread machine. It works well, but is hard to store so is put away right now. I also…