Sourdough Videos with Sarah Owens

December 29, 2019

My sourdough breads have become better after reading Sourdough by Sarah Owens and watching these engaging videos.

Vegan Sourdough English Muffins

September 8, 2019

Not sure what to do with sourdough starter discard? Try these delicious English Muffins made with freshly milled organic hard white wheat.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread Class

February 6, 2019

My bread baking adventure takes a new turn as I learn how to make 100% whole wheat sourdough from freshly milled flour at King’s Roost in Silverlake.

Recent Posts

Pie crust

Perfecting Pie Crust

March 19, 2007

Growing up, my idea of making a pie was to buy a Mrs. Smith’s frozen pie from the grocery store and put it in the oven. I didn’t even do that well. My first pumpkin pie was blackened and burnt on the top. My best friend’s mom made the most wonderful apple pie from scratch…

Oatmeal Bread

Oatmeal Bread

March 17, 2007

Part of my bread making marathon has been the search for a soft, tasty loaf that would be great for sandwiches. I’ve always been partial to oatmeal bread and have tried several recipes. All were good, this one is great. I adapted the Cook’s Illustrated “Oatmeal American Loaf Bread” recipe after several tries. All were…

A Tale of Two Mixers

March 15, 2007

If you seriously get into baking, you’ll likely find yourself lusting after a stand mixer. It’s the kind of appliance that seems expensive at first and then you wonder how you ever lived without it. It is so much more efficient at mixing thick cookie doughs and you can knead bread easily with a dough…

German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate Cake

March 14, 2007

Last September, I decided it would be nice to make birthday cakes for the people in my group. I work in a large department, but my group is only 8 people. It turned out that 3 of those people all have birthdays in September, so I was busy that month. Bob’s favorite is German Chocolate.…

oval pizza on a le creuset pan

Pizza Is Not a Food Group

March 13, 2007

But maybe it should be.  We like pizza, as do most people. Our favorite is Angelo & Vinci’s in Fullerton, CA. A Z Pizza just opened up around the corner from our house. The Tuscan Mushroom is divine. However, as I’ve been on my bread making marathon lately, it only made sense to try my…

Le Creuset Knob

Oven Safe Knobs

March 13, 2007

On the Cooks Illustrated Forums, I came across a lively thread about the No-Knead Bread phenomenon that has been sweeping the country. In November of 2006, the New York Times ran an article and video about an ingenious method to make hearth bread at home easily. You don’t need any special equipment or bread making…