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Restaurant Reviews

Vegan XMas Vacation

Chocolate covered Twinkee

We had a wonderful vacation visiting dear friends in the Bay Area. They took us to a few outstanding vegan friendly restaurants.

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Long Beach Vegan Eatery

Chick'n Parmesan Sandwich

I love surprises. So when Dave asked if I wanted to try a new restaurant, with the caveat that it was a surprise, I was in. I knew it would be vegan or at least vegan friendly, so I was thrilled.

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Vegan BLT

We are lucky to have some really good vegan restaurants locally. Come to think of it, we’re lucky to have vegan restaurants, period. Plant based diets must be picking up in popularity because these business seem to be thriving. Tucked away in Old Town Tustin is a lovely cafe called FreeSoulCaffe. It’s in a newer…

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Phoney Baloney’s

Cali BBQ

I have to say, that we are very lucky in Orange County to have so many excellent vegan options. We’ve got┬áNative Foods, Veggie Grill, FreeSoulCaffe, Wheel of Life, Seabirds Truck, and now our own little sandwich shop called Phoney Baloney’s. Even the name is fun. It is a little hard to find and in kind…

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Real Food Daily

vegan kung pao

We have been longing to go the LA County Museum of Art lately. There is a women’s surrealist show called “In Wonderland” that looks intriguing. It features many originals from Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite artists, which is a big plus. My husband suggested finding a local vegan restaurant to add to the day’s…

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Taking a Break From All Your Worries

blackened tofu tacos

I often take living in Southern California for granted. I live within 10 miles of the ocean, yet I rarely go. I live within an hour’s drive of the mountains, but I go there even less. This Saturday, started out like most with errands to run and chores to be done. After breakfast, Dave and…

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